5. MindSet Matrix

At the intersection of our inner and outer worlds lies a personal world. This world weaves together our simultaneous experience of the inner world, the outer world and what we think and feel about these experiences.

In the personal world we may not necessarily experience what is immediately present in our two worlds. Instead we create a third realm where we become enmeshed in our own personal thoughts and ideas.

Here we become fixated on thoughts about what happened in the past or what might occur in the future.

We move out of the present moment and into imaginary realms of our mind. Here our experience is only limited by the bounds of our imagination.

At the core of this experience lies the MindSet Matrix. This is a structure within our personal consciousness which organizes our thoughts, emotions and sensations.

The MindSet Matrix shapes our perceptions, molds our beliefs, and determines how we act. It influences every aspect of our life.

To live a full life, we have to learn how to manage our Mindset.

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